Harness Potentials.

Harness the potentials and ingenuity of Lagosians to address the challenges faced by the State through Science and Technology, thereby creating wealth and escalating socio-economic development.


Promote Sustainability.

Promote sustainability of science by boosting the teaching and learning of science at the elementary, secondary and tertiary institutions of learning. This requires effort to promote the awareness of science and its application to the younger generations in the primary and secondary schools in Lagos State.


Public & Private Engagement.

Engage public and private institutions to identify areas where innovative research can help improve their activities.


Manage Funds.

Manage the Research & Innovation Fund sets aside by the State Government to fund research activities.

1. Research Initiation, Practise and Execution.

This segment is expected to deal with identifying the challenges in Lagos State and the industries therein through public/private sector engagement. Thereafter, it will involve drawing researchers from the academic and research institutes (Research Centres) that will provide the much needed research-based solutions to the identified challenges. Ongoing research will also be encouraged at this level. As part of the thrust of the Council, researchers will be encouraged to publish papers in reputable peer review journals as well as facilitating or co-sponsoring conferences and research fair. The practise of Science and Technology will be brought to bear through innovative research that will be encouraged to move out of the gown to the society where the problems are scientifically identified, with scientific solutions and scientific implementation that can produce enduring results for the Lagos Society.

2. Training and Education.

This segment will focus greatly on sustainability of Science and Technology. It will address the gap in the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related subjects in our primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Teachers who take Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and related subjects will be selected in batches for appropriate training in order to boost their teaching methods and skills in the subjects. This segment will deal with taking necessary steps to encourage the study and knowledge of science subjects amongst students in Lagos State schools. At this level, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) project will be initiated while seminars, fairs, boot camp, workshop and science competitions would also be introduced. These are expected to generate sustained interest in the sciences and related subjects; and thus, serve as continuous sources of trainable minds into the Science, Technology and Development loop.

I. Lagos Intention to inculcate Mobile Science Academy (BASF)
II. Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality Experience
III. Training of LASU and MoST Staff in VR Application (Microsoft)

3. Commercialization.

The third segment, which is very key and fundamental to the development of Lagos State, will focus on the commercialization of the research outputs and innovation ideas that have business potentials and commercial viability. The outcomes of these purposeful scientific researches will be nurtured and potential users would be invited into these research outputs. Financial experts will be engaged to analyse the research processes and resources involved to determine the commercial value of the research and the potential sector(s) of the Lagos economy that can convert such research output into profitable business venture. This segment also deals with the intellectual property associated with every successfully conducted research and will stimulate the right environment for SMEs to thrive.