Who is eligible to participate?

To be eligible for the LASRIC award, the applicant must:

  • 1. Be a citizen of Nigeria
  • 2. Be a citizen of Nigeria
  • 3. Submit their application which must be their original work
  • 4. Have an MVP (minimum viable product) i.e. you have customers
  • 5. Be able to fund his/her/team travel expenses and other associated costs
  • 6. Understand the objectives of LASRIC and what we stand for; and
  • 7. Be able to represent LASRIC as an Ambassador
  • In addition, the Individual must provide:

  • ● Valid means of identification (LASRRA Card is acceptable).
  • ● Full disclosure of criminal records, if any.
  • ● Evidence of payment of personal income tax till date (if innovator is gainfully employed).
  • Are there focus areas for [email protected] Cohort II?

    We are looking for great ideas that could be related but not limited to Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Transportation.

    What is the asessment criteria

  • 1. Vision : Problem - how big as in how many people affected by it? Solution - how unique and commercially viable
  • 2. Proposition : How valuable to the target customers
  • 3. Organisation : Ability to execute
  • 4. Economics : Ability to execute
  • 5. Milestones : Achievements to date and forecasts
  • What prize(s) does the winner of the LASRIC Cohort II 2020 receive?

    The winner of LASRIC Cohort II will, subject to the Terms & Conditions, receive Funding of N5,000,000 (five million Naira)

    Agree & Proceed